Living on Earth Extra

Mar 19, 2014

03/19/2014 - Fukishima Nuclear Meltdown Three Years Later  - In 2011 a tsunami caused the meltdown of three nuclear reactors in Fukushima, Japan. Since then workers have stabilized the reactors but large amounts of leaking radioactive water is still a problem.

Navy Rescuers Claim Radiation Sickness - US military personnel aboard Navy ships involved in the Fukushima relief effort are suing the Tokyo Electric Power Company over illnesses they say were caused by exposure to radioactive plumes from the reactor fires during the meltdowns.

Small Matters: RNA  Life originated from substances that somehow managed to progress from chemical reactions to self-replication. Exactly how that happened, and what exactly was the very first molecule to flip from chemical to biological is a matter of enthusiastic debate, as Meisa Salaita reports in the latest in our Small Matters series.

Deer Miss - Act fast: With increasing numbers of white-tailed deer near roads, swift action is needed by vigilant motorists to avoid tragedy.