Missoula armed robbery causes lockdown

Feb 6, 2014

Police continue to search for a lone suspect involved in two armed robberies on Broadway in Missoula. The University of Montana campus is no longer on lockdown but the armed suspect is still at large. Check updates below for the latest information.

2:45 Update: Missoula police believe a lone male robbed a motel and fast food restaurant on east Broadway in Missoula this morning. He's described as a white male with brown hair, in his late teens or early 20's, last seen wearing a blue hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans and dark-colored shoes. During the robberies, he was armed with a black semi-automatic pistol. Anyone with information should call Detective Guy Baker at 406-396-3217, or Missoula CrimeStoppers.

  Update: Missoula manhunt continues. No significant developments in past half-hour or so. These two photos from the locked-down UM campus: full parking lot, but virtually no people. The sidewalk next to UM School of Law is always busy this time of day - even in this bitter cold. Kinda eerie...
 Manhunt continues: Updated suspect description: Brown hair, white male, about 5'5", black sunglasses, black hoodie (maybe a towel or rag on hoodie), dark shoes, white socks. Holding black semi-auto handgun in right hand. White bandana with dark spots noted as well. No facial hair. Police working to get picture out to local media.Classes canceled as precautionary measure at University of Montana - no violence reported on campus. Campus urged to stay behind locked doors until further notice. Campus police locking outside doors building by building.City police search continues.
10:32 AM
 Update: University of Montana has issued "Shelter in Place, Lock Your Doors" alert. PRECAUTIONARY ALERT. NO UNFOLDING EMERGENCY OR VIOLENCE
 10:24 AM
 Update: Paxson, Hellgate High, Loyola and St Joseph schools locking down as precautionary measure. NO EMERGENCY AT THOSE SCHOOLS.Police extending search perimeter to 5th St, Arthur & Higgins Avenues...
10:14 AM
 Police searching for suspect(s) involved in two armed robberies on Broadway in Missoula. The Motel 6 Extended Stay and the Taco Bell. Police say victims describe suspect(s) as young, white male, 5'-5" to 5'-7". Different clothes in each incident but man wore bandanas in both hold-ups. Police looking for a silver passenger car that may have been the get-away vehicle in the Taco Bell hold up. Police with search dogs are scouring the area.University of Montana (Mountain Campus) police have  issued an alert advising people to stay clear of the area north of the footbridge.  Update:  Suspect(s) believed to have moved east. May still be on foot. Police  now not sure if silver or gray vehicle involved in Taco Bell robbery. Police advising  East Broadway-area businesses.