Missoula businessman sees great opportunity in the Bakken oil boom

Jun 10, 2013

Bakken Consulting Inc. President Erik Peterson
Credit Sally Mauk

Business and real estate people attended a daylong summit in Missoula on economic opportunities for Montana and North Dakota from development of the Bakken oil fields.

Congressman Steve Daines kicked off the summit, followed by talks from oil company and economic development representatives. Speakers included Erik Peterson, who is President of a relatively new company called Bakken Consulting Inc, with offices in Missoula and Wibaux.

"The question remains, how much of the oil is going to be recoverable in Montana? That's really what everyone wants to know."

Peterson sat down with News Director Sally Mauk to talk about his company - and his view of the opportunities in the Bakken. Petersen is one of the growing number of western Montanans taking advantage of the oil boom in eastern Montana.