Missoula haz mat team responds to acid spill

Jun 12, 2013

Missoula haz mat team at site of acid spill at Spectrum Products
Credit Sally Mauk

About a thousand gallons of water-diluted sulfuric, phosphoric and citric acid spilled out of a tank at a Missoula  company today, prompting the regional haz mat team to respond. Firefighters and the haz mat team were called out this morning to Spectrum Products, a pool product manufacturer located off Butler Creek road, not far from the airport. By midday, they were figuring out how to clean it up. Missoula rural fire department deputy chief Chris Newman says the spill was caused when a worker accidentally left a valve open on a rinse tank.   Newman says the acids can be hazardous in higher concentrations. The spill was contained inside a company building and no one was injured.