Missoula's new fairgrounds director

Aug 9, 2013

Missoula County Fairgrounds has a new director and his name is Todd Garrett. Garrett will replace Steve Earle who, earlier this year, announced his retirement plans.
      Garrett and his family currently live in Whitefish. He's a University of Montana grad who earned a degree in Recreation Management. Garrett says many people mistakenly assume that's a discipline rooted in fun and games, when in fact, he says he learned critically important management and communication skills.

Todd Garrett
Credit Edward O'Brien

Years ago, he was appointed to serve on the Missoula Open Space Advisory Committee. Prior to joining FWP, he served as interim director for the Whitefish Parks and Recreation Department.
       He tells Edward O'Brien he feels honored and so lucky to have been to find great work in a magnificent state like Montana.