Montana healthcare "navigators" ready to help the uninsured sign up for coverage

Sep 30, 2013

Individuals and groups looking for health insurance will - starting tomorrow - have another alternative at their disposal.

    The online health insurance marketplace goes live then at and will offer specific plan and cost information.
      This marketplace is part of the Affordable Care Act
      Three Montana groups won federal grants earlier this year to help uninsured Montanans figure out which private health insurance plans would be best for them.
      The Montana Primary Care Association is one of those organizations that will provide guides - called "navigators" - to help Montanans who request assistance. The non-profit association provides training, technical and advocacy assistance to community health centers across Montana. Also doing this is Planned Parenthood and the Montana Health Network
      In tonight's feature interview with Edward O'Brien, C-E-O Bob Marsalli, explains how these "navigators" can help those who request it and how the new marketplace will work.