Montana women have more education but make less money, than Montana men

Feb 13, 2014

Montanans are more likely to be poor, compared with the rest of the nation, and women are more likely to be poor than men. That's just one of the sobering facts contained in a new report on the status of women in Montana, summarized in the winter issue of the Montana Business Quarterly.


The report was co-authored by University of Montana sociology professors Celia Winkler and Kathy Kuipers, for the Women's Foundation of Montana.
    In this feature interview with News Director Sally Mauk, Professor Winkler talks about why Montana women make only 74 percent of what Montana men make - earning an average wage of $31,000 a year compared to $41,000 for men.

"We need to start valuing the kinds of jobs that women traditionally have done."