More evacuations ordered as Lolo Creek Complex fire grows

Aug 20, 2013

Residents of Sleeman Creek road off Highway 12 were ordered to evacuate this evening as shifting winds pushed the Lolo Creek Complex fire further east and past a "flash point" where officials deem it is unsafe for residents to remain in their homes. The fire is currently moving towards highway 12 again just west of Mill Creek. The evacuation order came right after a public meeting was held this evening to brief residents on the fire's expansion to 8000 acres.

Lolo area residents gather for a public meeting in the Lolo school gym this evening to get updated on the Lolo Creek Complex fire
Credit Sally Mauk

That number will surely increase after tonight's fire movement. Officials had also planned to reopen Highway 12 to the public tonight but have now decided the highway will remain closed because of the ongoing fire danger. Four homes have already burned in the fire that first exploded across the highway yesterday afternoon. We'll have more information on Montana Morning news.