New Grants Available For Montana Businesses Affected By Wildfires

Sep 21, 2017

Governor Steve Bullock announced two new grants today that will help businesses and communities that suffered losses during fire season. One grant will help tourist destinations create a marketing campaign to lure visitors back, and another will help businesses that lost inventory or customers because of fire. 

The grants are part of a new website that lists grants, loans and trainings available to businesses that suffered direct losses from fire such as burned structures; and indirect losses such as a drop in customers.

Director of the Montana Department of Commerce Pam Haxby-Cote says it will be a one stop shop for companies seeking state aid.

"We want to make sure that the businesses that are in those regions have the opportunity to get back up on their feet," she said. "It’s important to the entire region and the entire state’s economy."

The new grants will award successful applicants up to $5,000. They won’t cost the state any additional money because the Department of Commerce moved $125,000 from existing grants to fund the new ones.

Businesses that want to apply for aid can find the list of resources at