Noam Chomsky - State of Insecurity

Jun 23, 2014

06/30/2014 - Security, security. Can’t get enough of it. Paradoxically, the more we have of it the less secure we feel. The latest weapons and massive military spending are never enough. Since 9/11 the term is bandied about. There is the huge bureaucracy, the Department of Homeland Security. Within it is the TSA, with its 60,000-plus employees and a budget over $7 billion. We go through checks and searches. Then there’s the NSA surveillance. Could U.S. global policies from drone strikes to invasions actually be undermining our security? This is not a question that most media will consider much less cover. And politicians? Best not to ask. Security is not the issue. It’s really about control. We need a radical new definition of what constitutes security. It would include well-paying jobs, health care, education, affordable housing and a clean and thriving environment.

Noam Chomsky