Not just pretty pictures but a reflection of their time

Nov 18, 2013

No museum in the country has been more instrumental in introducing modern impressionist art to American audiences than the Art Institute of Chicago. The institute's Gary C. and Frances Comer Curator of Modern Art is in Missoula to lecture about a seminal show in 1913 that introduced the greats like Picasso and Matisse to this country.

Art Institute of Chicago modern art curator Stephanie D'Alessandro outside the modern art exhibit currently on display at the Montana Museum of Art and Culture at the University of Montana
Credit Edward O'Brien

Stephanie D'Alessandro's talk coincides with a current exhibit of modern art, including works by Picasso and Matisse, at the Montana Museum of Art and Culture on the University of Montana campus.
    In this feature interview, News Director Sally Mauk tours the exhibit with D'Alessandro, who describes the importance in 1913 of what was called the "armory show" .