In Other Birds, Bees, And Butterflies

Aug 22, 2014

Naturalist and educator Sue Reel has written several guides to Montana's native plants and pollinators.

Amy Cilimburg talks with naturalist and Lolo National Forest Wildlife Interpreter Sue Reel about native bees, the plants they need, why we need pollinators, and the colorful guides Sue developed.

Amy also speaks with Amy Seaman – Amy's colleague at Montana Audubon – about cool birds.

In the final segment Amy S. interviews butterfly expert Jeff Pippen about the research he is conducting this summer at the MPG Conservation Ranch. Jeff points out how much we have yet to learn about butterflies and the critical roles the play in our ecosystems and food systems.

You can find the pollinator guides, created by Sue and artist Nancy Seiler, at the Montana Natural History Center or the Lolo National Forest Headquarters in Missoula. Or download them:  Attracting Pollinators to your Garden Using Native Plants.

There's more information about pollinators at Celebrating Wildflowers,, and The Xerces Society.

(Broadcast: In Other Words, 8/19/14)