Paddleboards, kayaks, and rafts, oh my

May 27, 2014

A kayaker paddles past the Big Rock on the Wild Mile of the Swan River.
Credit Mike Roessmann

Summer rushes in on the rising waters of the rivers around northwest Montana. Each year for 39 years in Bigfork it's also announced through the annual Whitewater Festival.

This years festival featured kayaks and rafts braving the Class IV rapids on the "Wild Mile" of the Swan River, as well as Stand Up Paddleboards.

The two-day event features beginner and expert slalom races judged by time and accuracy as paddlers maneuver down the river through specially market gates.

It also has a down river race and giant slalom. Standings from the down river race are Western Point Series and the Western Whitewater Championship Series.

Looking for video of the Bigfork Whitewater Festival I came across this piece from Epic Montana: