People Of Yellowstone

Aug 29, 2017

'People of Yellowstone' features 87 stunning portraits and real-life stories of the people who maintain Yellowstone National Park's wildness, lead expeditions, collect scientific data, wrangle horses, document seismic activity, study wildlife, rescue stranded hikers, and much more. Steve Horan spent more than five years photographing over 120 people who work in and around Yellowstone National Park. Award-winning writer Ruth W. Crocker interviewed each portrait subject, and her essays provide a narrative for Horan's photographs and details of each person’s experience in the park.

People Of Yellowstone
Credit Elm Grove

Reaffirming the universal delight and enthusiasm for the park through Horan’s stunning photography and Crocker’s insightful descriptions, 'People of Yellowstone'  is a gorgeous work of art that evokes the spirit and mission of the people who work tirelessly to keep Yellowstone National Park the beautiful and inspiring environment that it is today.