Picture Book Review: 'The Birthday Queen' by Audrey and Don Wood

Aug 20, 2013

The Birthday Queen

by Audrey and Don Wood

The Blue Sky Press, 2013

The Birthday Queen by Audrey and Don Wood arrived just in time for my youngest daughter's seventh birthday, so I read it to her, while her nine-year-old sister listened in. 

The birthday queen is depicted as sort of a cross between a clown and a genie who lives in a birthday palace where she tests toys and games, auditions clowns, and perfects the recipe for birthday cake. Then she wraps the presents, prepares the room, and welcomes the guests to your birthday party. 

Parents will recognize many of these familiar tasks, but both of my children were delightfully surprised at the end of the story when the birthday queen turns out to look "...just like your mother."

The soft-edged and brightly colored illustrations are reminiscent of the frosting on a birthday cake. And while the whole book may be just a touch too sweet for some adult tastes, kids (and underappreciated mothers) will probably eat it up!


Audrey and Don Wood have always celebrated birthdays and holidays with great joy and imagination. The Woods are two of the most beloved creators of children's books in the world. Their classic bestsellers include The Napping House and King Bidgood's in the Bathtub


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