Professor compares tobacco industry to Godzilla

Aug 8, 2013

Over 300 health professionals, advocates and

Pamela Ling
Credit University of California, San Francisco
Godzilla was meant to be a metaphor for the tobacco industry which wreaks incredible destruction...and then goes to the bottom of the ocean and everyone thinks it's not a big deal

tobacco experts convened in Missoula this week for the 7th National Smokeless and Spit Tobacco Summit held at the University of Montana.  The National Association of Chronic Disease directors provided UM a 32-thousand dollar grant to plan the conference which is devoted to addressing the health and social issues connected to smokeless tobacco use. In this interview with Edward O'Brien, University of California, San Francisco Department of Medicine Associate Professor, Dr. Pamela Ling, discusses her research into cigarettes and smokeless tobacco. Ling points out overall cigarette use is actually declining among young people.