Sean Watkins Talks Songwriting, Solo Projects And Nickel Creek

Aug 8, 2014

Sean Watkins of Nickel Creek was in the MTPR studios playing songs from his recent solo album and talking music with John Floridis.
Credit Josh Burnham

Sean Watkins, guitarist, songwriter, and member of Nickel Creek stopped by our studio yesterday. He played songs from his latest solo album "All I Do is Lie", and talked music with MTPR's John Floridis.

"The record is called 'All I Do Is Lie'. It's been fun to write starting with the title, and not even know what the song's about yet. I've been imagining looking at the back of a record and seeing the song list, and kind of thinking oh wow, that's really interesting. I'd really like to hear what that song sounds like if it's called that.  'All I Do Is Lie'; I don't know how I thought of that, but I just thought that would be a cool song title and it ended up being the title track of the record."