Senator Jon Tester on the VA, Iraq and Brian Schweitzer

Jun 20, 2014

Senator Jon Tester continues his statewide listening tour to hear from Montana veterans about how to improve care at the Veterans Administration.

Sen. Jon Tester and Edward O'Brien

  The VA has been rocked by recent reports of mismanaged care and falsified data, leading to the deaths of vets waiting for care.
       Tester was in Missoula today for his second listening session at the Missoula College. The first session was held in Anaconda.
       In this interview with Edward O'Brien, Tester talks about the VA scandal, the rapidly deteriorating situation in Iraq and former Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer's recent - and controversial - comments about Eric Cantor and Dianne Feinstein.
       First though, here's more on what he hopes to gain from - and what he's heard so far on this VA listening tour.