She’s new to the job but not to the message: education matters

Apr 11, 2014

Lieutenant Governor Angela McLean
Credit Dan Boyce

Angela McLean has only had her new job a couple of months - and it looks like a good fit. Governor Steve Bullock appointed the former Anaconda high school teacher to be his lieutenant governor in February, to replace John Walsh, who replaced Max Baucus in the U.S. Senate.

McLean had previously served on the state Board of Public Education, and was chair of the state Board of Regents - so state government was not unfamiliar.    
    McLean was in Missoula today, as part of a project to train teachers on how to enhance civics education in the classroom.
    In this feature interview with News Director Sally Mauk, McLean says educating not just students, but everyone, about civics is crucial for a participatory democracy.