Skunk In The Basement

Aug 1, 2014

Striped Skunks (Mephitis mephitis) (CC BY 3.0)
Credit Tom Friedel

"Striped Skunk," by Peggy Miller, read by Allison De Jong.

"All the cat food had been eaten and two piles of scat were on the floor. Whatever it was was still there, probably hidden behind one of the many boxes. Later that afternoon, I shined a flashlight behind the washing machine to remove yet another deposit. As I leaned under the! Within inches of my face, the light revealed a large striped skunk, taking a nap in a make-shift nest of insulation pulled from the wall. The daytime siesta was in character, since skunks, members of the Mustelid family, are mainly nocturnal, spending the days concealed. I gingerly left the room and sat on the stairs above the skunk, beaming kindly thoughts and supplications its way."

(Broadcast: Fieldnotes, 8/3/14 & 8/4/14)