Stapleton, Clerks To Meet, Talk Voter Fraud Survey

Dec 4, 2017

State and county election officials will meet with Secretary of State Corey Stapleton tomorrow to review data from a survey of ballots Stapleton initiated. The Secretary of State has expressed concern about voter misconduct and fraud. 

Back in August, Stapleton expressed worry about potential voter fraud because of more than 360 ballots that appeared to have mismatched signatures. He said this survey helped address that concern.

“I did not see coordinated fraud throughout the state, like some of the other states in the country," Stapleton said. "I don’t know if we would have been able to answer that yes or no if we had not conducted this survey.”

County election officials say ballots can end up being flagged for a number of reasons: a voter’s signature not appearing on a ballot, a ballot turned in too late, or the signature on the ballot not matching up with the signature on record for that voter.

Over the last few months election officials have been gathering data to explain more about why this happens.

Stapleton says he still says has some concerns of individuals signing mail-in ballots that don’t belong to them.