Steve Daines Calls For Bi-Partisanship After Election Win

Nov 4, 2014

Steve Daines speaks to supporters in Bozeman after his U.S. Senate race win on Nov. 4, 2014.
Credit Eric Whitney

Steve Daines was declared the winner of Montana's U.S. Senate race just minutes after the polls closed.

MTPR News Director Eric Whitney spoke with Daines at his victory celebration in Bozeman tonight.

Daines talked about some of the things he hopes to achieve in the Senate.

"We need to start first by moving legislation through Congress and getting it on the President's desk. Montanans are tired of the gridlock. Lets approve the Keystone pipeline. Lets pass budgets that actually achieve balance. I think those are two places we could start right now to restore some sanity back to Washington," Daines said.

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