Tips for avoiding the need to be rescued

Mar 6, 2014

As a member of Missoula County's search and rescue team for six years, and its current chief, Joshua Herbold has been involved in dozens of rescues and recoveries. But even for this veteran, last Friday was unique for Herbold's team: a first-ever residential avalanche rescue, followed immediately by two skiers lost near Missoula's Snobowl.

Missoula County Search and Rescue truck
Credit Jeremiah Petersen

All three avalanche victims were rescued; one later died. Both skiers were rescued, and survived.
    In his day job, Herbold is an associate professor of accounting at the University of Montana. In this feature interview, Herbold talks with News Director Sally Mauk about why  he volunteers for the search and rescue team - and his advice for how to avoid needing the team's services.

Here's a link to the "ten essentials" for safe backcountry recreation: