Too big to fail and too big to jail

Dec 16, 2013

The financial crash of 2008 brought increased scrutiny and louder calls for reform of the financial industry. Some of that has come to pass, but it's also true the financial sector continues to have tremendous influence over government, which is its chief regulator.

"The '08 crash was built on fraud and all kinds of reckless activity undertaken by the financial sector, that the regulators should have stopped."

As financial policy advocate for the consumer advocacy group "Public Citizen", Bart Naylor tracks that regulation and lobbies for stricter oversight of a financial industry he believes has too much power.

Financial policy advocate for "Public Citizen", Bart Naylor

Naylor is former chief of investigations for the Senate banking committee. He's in Montana to give a series of talks, and he also sat down in our studios with News Director Sally Mauk.
    Naylor says although Wall Street still has a firm grip on Washington, that grip is starting to loosen.

[Bart Naylor will speak Tuesday December 17th at 12:15, upstairs at the Union Club in downtown Missoula, and at 12:15 Wednesday,  December 18th at the Lewis and Clark public library in Helena.]