University of Montana researchers win NFL and GE grant to continue brain research

Jan 24, 2014

Over 400 entries from 27 countries applied to participate in the first stage of the NFL and GE's "Head Health Challenge".  Sixteen organizations are receiving $300-thousand-dollars each for research on better diagnosing and treating mild traumatic brain injury.
       Two University of Montana researchers, Doctors Sarj Patel and Tom Rau, were among the winning 16 selected.

UM researchers Sarj Patel, left, and Tom Rau, right
Credit University of Montana

The NFL and GE announced the winners of the $20-million-dollar project yesterday.  
       The NFL has been under pressure for its handling of concussions, with thousands of former players filing suit.
       In this evening's feature interview, Patel explains to Edward O'Brien the project's potential implications extend far beyond professional football.