Wanna use fireworks in Missoula's city limits? It may cost you...

Jun 18, 2013

When it comes to fireworks there doesn't seem to be lots of middle ground; you either love them or would be quite pleased if you never heard or saw one again in your life.

Credit City of Missoula
" this representative republic of ours, part of the puzzle here is having a majority make some rules and in this case, the majority has done that."

The Missoula City Council this week made a decision that  supporters say will put some teeth into the city's existing fireworks ordinance. Opponents are crying foul. In short, if city residents get caught with firecrackers this year, they'll pay a fairly steep fine.
       Edward O'Brien has more with Missoula mayor John Engen who says the council didn't make many significant changes to the existing fireworks ordinance.