Want to hang out with goats in Glacier Park this summer? Here’s how…

Jun 4, 2013

Citizen scientists working in Glacier Park
Credit National Park Service

If hanging out in Glacier National Park is how you want to spend part of your summer, you might want to look into the citizen science program offered by the park's Crown of the Continent Research Learning Center. The program trains individuals to identify, observe and record information on species of interest in the park. This summer, the citizen scientists will study mountain goats, pikas, common loons and invasive plants.

"We train people how to slow down and sit still long enough that they get to observe these things - and by doing so they often get to observe a lot more than just the mountain goats, pikas and loons that they're looking for."

    Jami Belt is the Center's citizen science program director. In this feature interview, Belt talks with News Director Sally Mauk about the program - and about the Crown of the Continent Research Learning Center - one of several such learning centers located in parks around the country.