Where God Likes to Be

Feb 19, 2014

A new documentary featuring three young people from the Blackfeet Indian reservation - all at a crossroads in their lives - debuts this weekend at Missoula's Big Sky Documentary Film Festival.

Credit Nicolas Hudak

"Where God Likes to Be" was directed and produced by husband and wife team Anna and Nico Hudak. Anna's from Germany and Nico's from Kalispell.
    The couple met - and fell in love - in New Zealand over a decade ago. She was studying journalism and he was attending film school. They eventually had to return to their native countries, but re-connected here in Montana during the winter of 2002.  An intense February snowstorm left them stranded in Browning during that visit.
    In this evening's feature interview with Edward O'Brien, Nico explains that's how  - and where - the idea was originally hatched  for "Where God Likes to Be".

The team also has a Kickstarter campaign  they say will make it possible for them to bring everyone to Missoula and also put on a big free screening of their film in Browning. You can read more about it here: