White House honors UM student

Mar 19, 2014

University of Montana student, Tristan Persico, was honored this week at the White House for his conservation work and helping fellow veterans readjust to civilian life.

Tristan Persico

Persico and 13 others from across the country were presented with the Champions of Change award. That's a program created by the Obama administration to highlight people doing things to empower members of their communities.
     Persico is studying Parks, Tourism and Recreation Management where he leads the Veteran's Outreach Program. That's a Montana Wilderness Association program to help veterans readjust to civilian life through outdoors experiences.
       Persico knows just how complicated that readjustment phase can be. He served in Afghanistan as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician for the U-S Air Force.
     He spoke with Edward O'Brien yesterday about his experience in a war zone and why he feels the outreach program is good for those who've experienced the stresses of combat.