Wildfires, wolves and the watchdog: Eve Byron on 20 years in Montana journalism

Jan 22, 2014

Long-time Helena Independent Record reporter Eve Byron left the newspaper at the end of last week to "pursue other interests."
Credit Eliza Wiley, Helena Independent Record

Reporter Eve Byron has been a force at the Helena Independent Record for decades.

Starting out covering local government, Byron moved to being a journalistic authority on wildlife and natural resource issues in Montana.

After 20 years and about 15,000 stories, Byron left the Independent Record last Friday.

She’s starting a new job as a communications specialist for the Helena-based non-profit National Institute on Money in State Politics.

In this feature interview, Byron speaks with Capitol Reporter Dan Boyce about a life in Montana journalism and the changing nature of the industry.

"You really do get to know the community as well as the players and not just what decisions were made but why they made those decisions."