Wildlife scientist Joel Berger studies everything from “takins” in Bhutan to goats in Glacier

Jul 19, 2013

"Takins" are the national mammal of Bhutan
Credit Joel Berger

A professor at the University of Montana has won this year's prestigious Aldo Leopold award from the American Society of Mammalogists

for his contribution to the conservation of mammals and their habitats. Dr. Joel Berger is a senior scientist with the Wildlife Conservation Society, and holds the John J. Craighead Chair of Wildlife Conservation at U.M. His research has taken him from Africa to the Arctic, studying everything from rhinos to musk ox. He will also head up a new study of Rocky Mountain goats in Glacier National Park.

Rocky Mountain goat in Glacier National Park
Credit Sally Mauk

In this feature interview, Berger talks with News Director Sally Mauk about that goat research, and about his recent trip to Bhutan where he was studying their national mammal, the "takin".