Climate Week 2013
12:44 pm
Fri October 25, 2013

Will we find common ground in climate change?

Can Montanans who disagree about the climate sit down and have a discussion? The phrase "Climate Change" is so polarizing that just uttering it can end a friendship. Degrees of Difference, produced by Anna Rau and John Twiggs for Montana PBS, introduces us to three sets of friends across Montana who try to get past the controversy and have a productive conversation.

Financial advisor and rancher Curt Almy and high school science teacher Morgan Pett start out the show with a conversation at a diner in Miles City. Teachers Holly Fretwell and Kari Oelkers finish out the program with a kitchen-table discussion in Bozeman. Their conversations were analyzed by UM Communications professor Steve Schwarze and Climate Change Studies Program Coordinator Nicky Phear. Program host is John Twiggs.