World Premier of "The Church of Pancakes"

Jun 26, 2014

Credit Tom Zavitz painting

Part 3 in Notes From the Huntley Project series of radio plays by Jay Kettering.

Emotion battles ethics in this action-packed caper. Nine-year-old Jaybird and his partner in crime, Kenny, love the sound of a burning fuse and the smell of gunpowder—on the Fourth of July, they get high just inhaling the air. But coming up with the perfect plan to rob the local fireworks stand is going to be harder than they expected. Perhaps because in their world, moon landings and tripping on psychedelic dog food are no more unusual than becoming fireproof with a kiss. And the instigator of this crime of passion, the bewitching ten-year-old Mexican migrant worker, Carlita Milkey, only makes the task of distinguishing the real from the imagined all the more difficult. Listen in as the fifty-three-year-old narrator recalls his nine-year-old self, revealing what a kid will do for love and what the love of a memory can do to the heart and mind of a storyteller.

The Church of Pancakes was written by Jay Kettering
Directed by Teresa Waldorf

Performed by:
David Mills-Low: Narrator, Jaybird
Anne-Marie Williams: Carlita Milkey
Cody Hysolp: Mr. Oltroggie, Kenny Finch
Reid Reimers: Dad, Adolphus Johansson aka Apple Juice
Teresa Waldorf: Nardo Aquino, random kids

Recorded by Beth Anne Austein in the studios of Montana Public Radio
Edited and produced by Chérie Newman