Children's Corner

Saturday 7:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Delightful stories and music for children of all ages: The Children’s Corner provides two hours of music, stories, and imaginative activities for kids from age 2 to 92.

Annie Garde and Sam Manno alternate in hosting this weekly program, produced by Montana Public Radio.

Attention kids of all ages: Bill Harley returns to Missoula on Mother’s Day, May 14 at 2:00 p.m. to perform your favorite children's songs and stories.

As a singer and storyteller, Harley is a favorite of fans of MTPR's "Pea Green Boat." Entertainment Weekly called him "the Mark Twain of contemporary children's music."

Groundbreaking biologist John J. Craighead turned 100 years old this week.
Courtesy Craighead family

Wildlife biologist and conservationist John J. Craighead celebrated his 100th trip around the sun Sunday. We'll celebrate this milestone and his life on Saturday on "Children's Corner." From eating fruit bats in coconut milk to Sam’s personal story of being lost in the woods with three Craigheads - and the wildflower they came across while lost - you'll learn about the Craighead brothers' research that forever changed our view of the natural world by stressing the interconnectedness of everything in the environment.

Join the celebration Saturday, August 20, during the second half of "Children's Corner" on Montana Public Radio. Tune in at 7:00 a.m. on your radio or online.

Hope and her entourage April 1st 2016.
Sam Manno

Fed up with being alone in a herd of 35, Hope created her own herd all - in one day. took Dexter, a buck, five months to get there.


On May 1 last year, Hope gave birth to triplet does named Persistence, Compassion and Forgiveness, and started a herd of her own.


What Is A Poem?

Apr 14, 2016
Selya, our Librarian Poet
Sam Manno

April is National Poetry Month!  Join host Sam Manno and Selya, a librarian from the Missoula Public Library, on Saturday, April 16, for a lively conversation as they attempt to answer the question, "What is a poem?"  They'll explore the 'rhyme and reason' of different types of poems, while sharing some favorites.

Zoey May 10: Zoey 2 ½ months old on her first trip up Mt Sentinel in May 2009
Sam Manno

In my case the chicken came before the egg … then goats, all in an attempt to be closer to my food in an urban environment; and it all started with snakes. That is how we ended up on Mt Sentinel a couple of weeks ago with Zoey showing her kids, Empathy and Intuition the "ropes," actually the "rocks," of Urban living.

An African Olive tree Wangari Maathai planted at Huho-Ini Secondary School in 2003 one year later.
Courtesy Brian Theroux

In African tradition, a tree is a symbol of peace.

On 'Children's Corner' this past Saturday, Selya from the Missoula Public Library shared Wangari’s Trees of Peace, a true story of Wangari Maathai’s passion and dedication to reforesting Kenya and empowering women. Wangari Maathai was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004 for her work through the Green Belt Movement.

When I think of Women’s History Month, I think of strong and remarkable women who've had a positive effect on the lives of others. The first woman who comes to mind is my grandma. For Selya, a librarian with the Missoula Public Library, it’s her mom.

This Saturday, we celebrate with songs and stories by and about women who have influenced both the larger world and our personal lives.

Michael, now a senior in high school, imitating a meditation pose at the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas.
Sam Manno

On a rare afternoon off of work and the farm, I made a trip to the Mission Valley to clear my mind. I stopped at the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas in Arlee. It was my son Michael who first "enlightened" me about the eightfold path in the design of the garden. I then made my way north to Mission Dam.

"Love 12 Miles Long"
Sam Manno

Book review of "Love 12 Miles Long," heard on "Children's Corner" 02/20/16.

All The Stars In The Sky

Feb 26, 2016
Snow on the goat's coat looks like stars in the sky.
Sam Manno

By the time I finish my milking and feeding chores, the stars are out and I get a chance to look at them and daydream. At the winter solstice, Orion  was laying on his side above the barn. Now he's standing upright above the pasture, and will soon disappear until next winter. Where does Orion go?

Find out why one of Sam's goats wears a coat, on the next "Children's Corner".
Sam Manno

Find out why Sam’s spent $2,000 on his goat Zoey, and why she's wearing a coat.

You'll also learn how words freed the young slave Fredrick Douglass.

Saturday, February 6 at 7:00 a.m. on "Children's Corner". Tune in on your radio or online.

Bradin from the Missoula Public Library, will be our guest on "Pea Green Boat" on February 1, and will continue the "new" theme.
Sam Manno

Bradin from the Missoula Public Library, will be our guest on "Pea Green Boat" on February 1, and will continue the "new" theme.

New Kitty On The Farm

Jan 28, 2016
A bobcat, spotted on Sam Manno's farm.
Sam Manno

While I was moving hay in the hay loft goat barn I saw what I thought was a new stray house cat at the farm.

It was checking out an old log cabin about 100 feet north of the barn when I noticed it was quite large for a house cat. When it hopped up on the window sill to peer into the window, I noticed about half its tail was missing. While wondering how it lost the half of its tail I realized it was not a house cat at all, but a bobcat!

Jack, the farm dog and I gently encouraged the bobcat to move uphill and away from the goat barn.

Linette from the Missoula Public Library will be in to celebrate the advancement of civil rights with songs and stories about Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks.
Sam Manno

Join us on "Children's Corner" Saturday morning when Linette, from the Missoula Public Library will be in to celebrate the advancement of civil rights with songs and stories about Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks.

Tune in on your radio or online, Saturday January 23 at 7:00 a.m.