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Home Ground Radio is a half-hour public affairs program with topics that range from the environment to the politics of Montana and the rural west. In each program, host Brian Kahn conducts one or two in-depth interviews.

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For many years the Flathead valley was well known for hard-edged polarization around natural resource issues. That’s been changing, thanks to people like Stoltze Lumber’s Paul McKenzie and Dave Hadden of Headwaters Montana.

When the law is broken, law enforcement and the courts step in and lawbreakers often end up in jail or on probation. All this takes time and is very expensive, and the system can only handle so much. According to Chief Justice Mike McGrath, many of our courts have passed the limit.

'Home Ground': Meat & Morality

May 15, 2016

Since our species evolved some 200 million years ago, we’ve eaten what we could find — whether meat or plants. But with 7 billion people on the planet, the climate changing, and animals raised in factory farms, vegans say that if we have a choice, eating meat is morally wrong. Lisa Kemmerer weighs in on this episode of "Home Ground Radio".

Driving through Montana’s vast fields of grass, wheat and barley, the landscape looks unchanged. But in the last 60 years a lot has — rippling through the state, altering how we Montanans relate to each other. Farmer Joe Perry knows.

'Home Ground' Talks Healthcare Costs

May 12, 2016

You must have something that will cost between $35,000 and $50,000. But when you sign on the dotted line you don’t know what the bill will be or how good the product is. It sounds crazy, but you’ve just described much of the American medical system!

For more than 100 years, state fish and wildlife agencies have accepted the job of managing wildlife, usually but not exclusively those which are hunted for meat or trapped for fur. Managing in concept involves assessing and improving habitat, monitoring populations, setting seasons and bag limits on animals that can be taken - in short, allowing harvest while maintaining a health population. So imagine: you're supposed to manage wolverines. Mission impossible? Our guests today, who work for Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, talk about wolverines and the challenges around managing them.

What does it mean to speak a language? Fundamentally, it means you can communicate with another person.  Yet when the language is that of your Indian ancestors who go back to the mists of time it means that you carry that unique tradition.

'Home Ground': The Opiate Balancing Act

Mar 29, 2016

She faced unremitting, chronic pain — but no doctor would prescribe pain-killers that work. Why? Because they’re made from opium — a narcotic. So while doctors and police argued, she said to me calmly, "If this keeps up I will kill myself." On this episode of "Home Ground Radio" we'll hear first-hand about the problems chronic pain patients who rely on opiates face.

Music is universal to humankind, yet there are profound differences in music between cultures. Our guest today, Kurt Crowley, talked to us about the range of music and performance. He started playing piano in Montana at the age of 4, had a special talent. In eigth grade he got the prized Cook Scholarship to Saint Paul's Prep School. Then onto Harvard where he studied music and comparative religion. A 5-month fellowship took him to India, exposing you to greater depth between music and culture. And for five years, he's worked as an arranger and conductor in New York City. Today Crowley joins us on "Home Ground Radio."

Rock Climbing As A Path To Happiness And Meaning

Mar 13, 2016

Technology creates miraculous tools and toys. We're told a thousand times a day can achieve happiness and meaning by buying and using them. Yet for our 200,000 years on earth we have found those things through other means. What can climbing rocks possible have to do with that? Find out on this episode of "Home Ground Radio."