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Home Ground Radio is a half-hour public affairs program with topics that range from the environment to the politics of Montana and the rural west. In each program, host Brian Kahn conducts one or two in-depth interviews.

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Richard Jeo, Montana Nature Conservancy Director

Jul 6, 2015
Nature Conservancy

With our planet occupied by 7 billion human souls, protecting the full diversity of wild species on earth is a daunting task.  Some might argue a hopeless one. Richard Jeo, state director of Montana’s Nature Conservancy, disagrees. He joins Brian Kahn on this episode of "Home Ground Radio".

Greater Sage Grouse
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Pacific Southwest Region (CC-BY-2)

Birds captivate us humans – their beauty, song, and just perhaps, the fact that while we cannot, they can fly.  As head of the Montana Audubon Society, Steve Hoffman knows something about birds. He joins Brian Kahn on this week's "Home Ground Radio".

Montana's national reputation is based on who we are and where we live, not on what we make. Quite a few people are putting their hearts into trying to change that. Brian Kahn visits the Made in Montana Trade Show, where he roams the booths, talking with artists and vendors about how they make and market their products.

What Drives A Montana Lobbyist?

Jun 17, 2015

Between them, Mona Jamison and Stuart Doggett have almost sixty years' experience lobbying in the Montana Legislature. "Lobbyist" isn't a word that wins any popularity contest. Why do they do it?

Sheila McShane

Sheila McShane directs Clinica Maxeña, part of the Guatemala Mission of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Helena, Montana. McShane arrived in Guatemala 1966, one of two young American RNs who constituted the only trained medical staff at the new mission. The presence of electricity, a rarity in the region, determined the clinic's location.

Restored From Ashes: John Mix Stanley's West

May 31, 2015

Before 1850, paintings and the first black and white photographs provided the sole source of visual imagery of the West to Americans. Among the most remarkable of the explorer-painters employed by government expeditions and railway surveys was John Mix Stanley, whose wanderlust and technical prowess as a draftsman and portrait painter - as well as timing - put him in a position to paint American Indians just as their traditional ways of life had begun to collide with westward American expansion.

Kqyn Kuka: Changing The Face Of The Game Warden

May 24, 2015

In 2007, Kqyn Kuka joined the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks as the second female game warden in Montana. In 2015, out of 100 game wardens statewide, four are women.

In 2013, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Montana, then a not-for-profit corporation, was sold to Health Care Services Corp, a Chicago-based insurance company. Under state law, the sale assets were transferred to a charitable trust, the Montana Healthcare Foundation, to be managed for the public benefit. To date, the MHCF has roughly $80 million in assets.

Mike Korn's Career Spans Folklife And Wildlife

May 10, 2015

What's the connection between traditional American folk music, convincing landowners to allow hunters on their land, and the supervising of game wardens? Brian Kahn talks with Mike Korn, retired deputy chief of law enforcement at Montana's Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks.

Helena Entrepreneur Shalon Hastings Wins Award

May 2, 2015
Shalon Hastings

Shalon Hastings, owner of The Hub and Taco del Sol in Helena, MT, learned her work ethic helping her grandparents on their ranch in central Montana.