Adventure Cycling Association

Adventure Cycling Association

After 25-year-old McKinley Bryson rode the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic, she wrote, “...there is way more good in this world than bad. I met the most wonderful, generous people… .” And editor of a new book called America’s Bicycle Route: The Story of the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail, Greg Siple, says many other riders have told similar stories.

Jim Sayer

Bicycle tourism is big money these days.
       In tonight's feature interview with Edward O'Brien, Jim Sayer talks about the economic benefits bicycle tourism holds for cities and counties interested in taking advantage of the sector's growing revenue potential.

Sayer's executive director of the Missoula-based Adventure Cycling Association, the largest bicycle advocacy membership organization in North America.
      Sayer says the concept of bike tourism doesn't always fit into a single definition.