Bill Requiring Anesthesia For Fetuses On Wednesday's Legislative Agenda

Mar 10, 2015
Montana capitol, Helena.
William Marcus

Wednesday at the Montana Legislature brings a bill that would require anesthesia for fetuses before operations in the womb. House Bill 479 would also mandate testing on a fetus’ age and and if that fetus is at least 20 weeks old, anesthesia would be required.

Edward O'Brien

And now for a brief look at a profession few of us may regularly think about until we have to; but when that time comes, it's suddenly one of the most important things in the world.This is about anesthesiology. When you're scheduled to undergo any number of medical procedures that - without pain-killing/numbing drugs - could induce anything from minor discomfort to unimaginable pain, you want a skilled anesthesiologist in your corner.
       Dr. Cristi Sullivan is a partner of Missoula Anesthesiology, P.C.