Field Notes
5:00 am
Sun February 8, 2015

The Short-Tailed Weasel: Life Sped Up

Short-tailed weasel (Mustela erminea) in its summer phase
Credit Steve Hillebrand, USFWS

"While some animals get off comparatively easily in the winter by hibernating, or by gorging and then fasting, the short-tailed weasel has to hunt every day to keep its blast-furnace metabolism stoked. With a heart rate of several hundred beats a minute and little in the way of fat reserves on its long and slender body, the animal must consume half its body weight daily.

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Field Notes
6:00 am
Fri June 6, 2014

Flower Crab Spiders

Flower crab spider (Misumena vatia), camouflaged white on a rose petal.
Credit Dhatier

6/8/14 & 6/9/14: This week on "Fieldnotes:" "Flower Crab Spiders," by Sara Mintz.

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Field Notes
8:00 am
Fri October 25, 2013

Nature's Costumes


"Fieldnotes," October 27th & 28th, 2013: "Halloween," by Lynn Tennefoss & Caroline Kurtz (read by Allison de Jong).

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