Chas Vincent

Capitol Talk
6:02 pm
Fri February 27, 2015

'Capitol Talk' Reviews This Week At The Montana Legislature

Chuck Johnson, Sally Mauk, and Mike Dennison
Credit Eliza Wiley

This week on Capitol Talk: Sally, Mike and Chuck look back at the week's events at the Montana Legislature, from the Flathead water compact, to dark money, to the death of the death penalty repeal.

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Amendments Fail
11:32 pm
Wed February 25, 2015

Flathead Compact Survives The Senate

Montana Senate chamber.
Credit William Marcus

Supporters of the proposed Flathead Water Compact, involving the state, the federal government, and the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes have a victory to celebrate. The compact, one of the most contentious issues of the current Legislative session not only survived a debate and vote in the Montana Senate, but did so with a sizable margin.

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2015 Legislature
5:14 pm
Tue February 24, 2015

Flathead Water Compact Gets Resurrected After Successful 'Blast' Motion

Sen. Chas Vincent (R) SD1
Credit Montana Legislature

The  Flathead Water Compact working its way through the Montana Legislature was briefly killed today, but quickly brought back to life.

Because the massive water-rights agreement contains $8 million for canal system upgrades, the bill was routed to the Senate finance Committee. There, Dayton Republican Janna Taylor tried to amend it to add financial accountability.

The Sponsor Republican Chas Vincent, saw ulterior motives.

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2015 Legislature
6:13 pm
Fri February 20, 2015

Flathead Water Compact Advances To Senate Floor After Contentious Debate

The Montana Legislature took a step toward ratifying the state’s final outstanding water compact this morning, with a vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee. The compact involving the federal government and the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes has drawn more heated debate than any issue except perhaps Medicaid expansion. 

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2015 Legislature
6:08 pm
Thu February 19, 2015

Flathead Water Compact Faces First Committee Vote Friday

Credit William Marcus

On Friday, the Salish-Kootenai water compact faces its first big vote. If the Senate Judiciary Committee advances the bill, it will face the anger of irrigators who say they won’t get as much water.

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2013 Opponent Now Bill's Sponsor
8:18 pm
Mon February 16, 2015

Dozens Testify At Flathead Water Compact's First Hearing

Some irrigators in the Mission Valley are suspicious of the Flathead Water Compact
Credit Eric Whitney

On the calendar it may have been Presidents Day, but for the Senate Judiciary Committee, Monday was no holiday.

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2015 Legislature
6:21 pm
Fri February 13, 2015

Flathead Water Compact On Monday's Legislative Agenda

Credit William Marcus

Monday, the Montana legislature will hear the bill to pass the Salish-Kootenai water compact, essentially mapping out water rights for the Flathead reservation and surrounding area. The bill’s sponsor is Republican Senator Chas Vincent of Libby, who was the compact’s opposition last session. He says, even amid death threats, he believes this year’s compact is better and absolutely necessary to ensure Montana keeps it’s water.

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2015 Legislature
11:42 am
Mon February 9, 2015

Libby Lawmaker Educates Colleagues On Flathead Water Compact

About 40 state lawmakers attended an educational session on the Flathead Water Compact at the Capitol Saturday.
Credit Steve Jess

This past weekend, about 40 of Montana’s state legislators did something unusual. After a very busy week, they stuck around when they could have gone home.

They spent close to three hours on a Saturday morning in the old Supreme Court chamber of the capitol, at the invitation of Republican Senator Chas Vincent of Libby.

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Capitol Talk
4:25 pm
Fri February 6, 2015

'Capitol Talk' Recaps This Week At The Montana Legislature

Chuck Johnson, Sally Mauk, Mike Dennison
Credit Eliza Wiley

This week on "Capitol Talk", tax cut bills are getting a lot of attention at the Montana Legislature this session. One legislator, Nicholas Schwaderer of Superior, introduced a bill that would put income tax cuts up to a vote via referendum. The bill drew bipartisan opposition during its hearing in the House. Schwaderer defended the bill saying, "taxation of income is theft."

Tax cuts could face vetoes from Gov. Bullock, who is intent on keeping at least a $300 million surplus.

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Flathead Water Compact
1:41 pm
Mon March 24, 2014

More asking for re-negotiation on Flathead Water Compact

Credit Flickr, Peggy2012CREATIVELENZ

More are calling for a re-opening of negotiations on the Flathead Water Compact, soon possibly including the state commission which helped craft the compact.

But the Confederated Salish and Kootenai tribes are holding firm with the current version.

The CSKT have been working on this agreement with the state and federal governments and private irrigators for at least a dozen years. It would settle disputes over how water is shared on the Flathead reservation.

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