Christian Lefer

Wittich Campaign Finance Trial Underway

Mar 28, 2016
Special attorney general Gene Jarussi, center, listens during jury selection. COPP Jonathan Motl, far right, is suing Bozeman Republican Rep. Art Wittich, far left, for campaign practice violations. Also pictured is Wittic’hs attorney, Lucinda Luetkemeyer
Courtesy Kimberly Reed

HELENA — A highly anticipated civil trial to determine whether Bozeman Republican Rep. Art Wittich violated campaign practice laws during his 2010 primary campaign got underway in Helena on Monday.

Montana’s commissioner of political practices is ruling the conservative dark money group American Tradition Partnership illegally coordinated election activities with a former state legislator.

Commissioner Jonathan Motl said Wednesday ATP distributed campaign mailers in coordination with former Billings Republican Representative Dan Kennedy. It’s the second blow to ATP this week, after a federal judge threw out a lawsuit from ATP associates.