Chuck Hunter

Chuck Hunter is a Protect Montana Kids commissioner and Helena Representative.
Montana Legislature

The Protect Montana Kids Commission has drafted recommendations for the governor on ways to improve  the state’s child protection system.

The Protect Montana Kids Commission was created by Governor Steve Bullock last September, and according to members of the commission, Montana’s Child Protection System is in crisis.

An interim legislative committee is reviewing the state’s current definition of sexual intercourse without consent, for possible change in the 2017 legislative session.
William Marcus

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The Protect Montana Kids Commission meets again tomorrow, this time with a new member and an extended deadline for the group’s recommendations on fixing the state’s child protection system.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Gianforte at January 2016 rally in Helena.
Corin Cates-Carney

Thursday, in his first stump speech in the state capitol since announcing a bid for Governor, Greg Gianforte said he would not take special interest PAC money in his campaign.

How Montana Became A Tax Haven

Dec 18, 2015
Just as some people go to Switzerland to shelter their money, thousands of people come to Montana to get their license plates.
Ildar Sagdejev (GFDL)

Did you know Montana has a reputation as a tax haven? Just as some people go to Switzerland to shelter their money, thousands of people come to Montana to get their license plates.

Montana House, Senate Disagree On Adjournment

Apr 27, 2015
William Marcus

The House today fell one-vote short of the supermajority needed to give final approval to the last major remaining infrastructure bill before lawmakers.Then the House voted to adjourn for the session.

Flathead Water Compact Mired In Debate Over Rules

Apr 14, 2015
William Marcus

The proposed Flathead Water Compact will come up for a vote in the Montana House Wednesday, but as MTPR Capitol Reporter Steve Jess reports, opponents are trying to put up another roadblock to prevent its passage.

Judge James Manley today ruled the portion of the water compact unconstitutional that protects members of a yet-to-be-created water compact board from being sued.
Flickr user Brad Smith (CC-BY-NC-2.0)

The contentious Flathead Reservation water compact appears to be taking the same convoluted path to the House floor as the Medicaid expansion bill did last week.

On Saturday the Montana House gave final approval to a bill expand Medicaid coverage to Montana's working poor on a 54-to-42 vote.

Legislative Roundup: Medicaid Expansion, State Budget Advance

Apr 12, 2015
From left, House Speaker Austin Knudsen, R-Culbertson, Rep. Jeff Essmann, R-Billings, and Minority Leader Chuck Hunter, D-Helena, debate rules on the House floor April 8.
Michael Wright - UM Community News Service

After wrangling over rules, the last remaining bill to expand Medicaid at the 64th Montana Legislature appears to be headed to the governor’s desk.

William Marcus

The House Rules Committee wrapped up a special meeting Friday afternoon. They were considering a challenge to the Medicaid expansion bill that passed the full House yesterday.

Belgrade Republican Representative Art Wittich was arguing that shouldn’t have happened, because the Medicaid bill was improperly sent out of his committee without enough votes to do so.

MTPR Capitol Reporter Steve Jess explains the rules debate.