Clay Scott

Sarah Linden

A visit with poet Tyler Knott Gregson - an unlikely success story from Helena, Montana. He typed his first poem off the top of his head, standing up, on an old typewriter an a junk store. Three years and 900 poems later, he has a following of several hundred thousand people around the world.

(Broadcast: "Mountain West Voices," 9/24/14, Wednesday evenings, 7:30.)

Clay Scott

We meet Kayla Murchison along the Continental Divide Trail in Montana, 4 1/2 months and 2800 miles into her quest to traverse the spine of the continent from Mexico to Canada.

(Broadcast: Mountain West Voices, 9/17/14)

Mister S

Sep 16, 2014

Razmick Sarkissian came to Wyoming via Armenia, Iran and Calcutta. For the last thirty years he has taught music in Sheridan, Wyoming, bringing his students "joy in learning, truth in learning."

(Broadcast: Mountain West Voices, 9/10/14)

Clay Scott

The first of several stories in a series looking at the "war brides" who came to the United States by the thousands at the end of World War II. Joyce Vashro, now of Helena, Montana, looks back on the tumultuous years when she and her fellow "Land Girls" (volunteer female farm workers) had whirlwind romances with men they knew they might not see again.

(Broadcast: Mountain West Voices, 9/3/14)

Clay Scott

Robert Bassett of Butte, Montana talks about a life that took him from the Marine Corps, to the lumber camps of the Northwest, to the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. Now he is back in Montana, living in a rented room, saving money to get his teeth fixed, and working on his eighth novel.

(Broadcast: Mountain West Voices, 8/27/14)

Clay Scott

A story about a homeless Montana man, about grief and kindness, rootlessness and companionship, and about what happens when we put ourselves in situations we can neither predict nor control. (This piece, originally broadcast January 2014, was remixed as part of PRX's Second Ear Program.)

(Broadcast: Mountain West Voices, 8/13/14)

Clay Scott

This week's Mountain West Voices looks back at the late Darrell Kipp, scholar, educator and Blackfeet language revolutionary.  In a 2012 interview, Kipp reflected on a career that took him from the Army, to the Harvard School of Education, then back to the Blackfeet reservation, where for the last 30 years he pioneered efforts

Eliza Wiley

Montana jazz icon M.J. Williams was singing in clubs in the early 1960's. Fifty years later, her gorgeous voice and innovative style have reached new levels of warmth and maturity. Listen to this piece and you'll hear why she's a jazz legend in the Rocky Mountain West.

(Broadcast: Mountain West Voices, 8/6/14)

courtesy of Kenton Rowe

A retired history professor from Montana reflects on a childhood during the Depression, and on the nature of poverty...and happiness.

(Broadcast: Mountain West Voices, 7/30/14)

Clay Scott

A really moving love story worthy of Shakespeare - only no one drinks poison. There's some plant biology and Irish music thrown in for good measure.

(Broadcast: Mountain West Voices, 7/23/14)