Clip of the Week

Clip of the Week
12:01 am
Thu October 9, 2014

Montana Festival Of The Book Celebrates The Written Word

The 15th annual Montana Festival of the Book takes place in Missoula October 9 - 11.

In our Clip of the Week, Kim Anderson, Associate Director of Humanities Montana, talks about what makes the Montana Festival of the Book so special: community.

The festival is happening October 9 - 11 in Missoula, and includes a poetry slam, a special edition of the wildly popular storytelling event "Tell Us Something," a 15th anniversary gala event, and a roster of best-selling authors, including James Lee Burke, Pete Fromm, Walter Kirn, Gwen Florio, and many others.

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Missoula Airport Bear
12:01 am
Thu October 2, 2014

Poet Brings Life To Missoula Airport's Stuffed Bear

"In this city dedicated to the bear, I haven't seen a bear yet. Except in the airport lounge, where one such specimen is stuffed. Do you know the story?"

In our Clip of the Week, Poet Eduardo Chirinos, a professor at the University of Montana-Missoula, writes about bears - real, symbolic, and stuffed.

Listen to the entire episode of "Reflections West" featuring Eduardo Chrinos and Linds Sanders. Or hear more on your radio every Tuesday 8:30 p.m. and Wednesday 3:55 p.m.

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Continental Divide Trail
12:01 am
Thu September 25, 2014

Freedom Is A 3,100 Mile Solo Hike

Kayla Murchison is taking a solo through-hike of the Continental Divide trail from Mexico to Canada.
Credit Clay Scott

"I can't imagine a better existence," says Kayla Murchison. She's nearing the end of a 3,100 mile solo hike on the Continental Divide Trail. After 4 1/2 months walking from Mexico to Canada, she's "hard as nails", and "ready to take on anything."

In our Clip of the Week Kayla talks about the simplicity, freedom and beauty of life on the trail.

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Clip of the Week
12:01 am
Thu September 18, 2014

What Can We Learn From Wildlife?

Biologist Douglas Chadwick with a Mongolian Grizzly Bear.
Credit Hunter J. Causey

Humans like to believe we're on the top of the pyramid when it comes to intelligence. Wildlife biologist Douglas Chadwick isn't so sure.

In our Clip of the Week, Chadwick talks about his experience working with big-brained animals, and explains two great reasons for studying wildlife.

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Montana Artist Bill Ohrmann
12:01 am
Thu September 11, 2014

'Okay to think your own thoughts...'

Tainted Revelations: The Art of Bill Orhmann

"Okay to take pictures. Okay to sit on turtle. Okay to let your dog out. Okay to think your own thoughts (crackpot though they might well be)." These words greet all who visit the domain of 95-year-old Montana artist Bill Ohrmann. 

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Composing Music In The Forest
12:01 am
Thu September 4, 2014

Music Starts In The Forest For This Montana Composer

Eric Funk, composer, jazz musician, and host of "11th and Grant" on MontanaPBS.

In our clip of the week, Eric Funk, a Bozeman composer, jazz musician and host of the MontanaPBS television series, "11th and Grant" talks about his creative process.

Eric says most of his compositions start not in front of a piano, but off the beaten path in the solitude of Montana's forests.

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The Church of Pancakes
12:01 am
Thu August 28, 2014

Her Kisses Made Him Fireproof, But Will Jaybird Survive The Explosion?

Credit Tom Zavitz painting

When ten-year-old Carlita Milkey bewitches nine-year-old Jaybird, he decides to win her love by giving her her heart's desire:  the biggest, most expensive package of fireworks available at Mr. Oltrogee's fireworks stand. But he doesn't have $19.95. So, he decides to stage an elaborate robbery.

In this short clip from The Church of Pancakes Jaybird and his friends meet to finalize the plan.

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Solomon Hicks: Guitar Prodigy
12:01 am
Thu August 21, 2014

Sixteen Years Old And A Veteran Of The Cotton Club

Guitarist Solomon Hicks began playing at New York City's famed Cotton Club when he was only 13 years old.

At 16 years-old, Solomon Hicks is already a veteran of Harlem's famed Cotton Club. Since age 13, this musical prodigy has been the lead guitarist with the "Cotton Club All Stars."

Solomon excels in Jazz, Blues, Classical, Gospel, R&B, Funk and classic Rock. In the 10 years he's been playing music, Solomon has put together an impressive resume.

In our Clip of the Week, Solomon Hicks explains how hard work and practice helped him win over skeptics who didn't think a youngster like him could hang with more experienced musicians.

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Clip of the Week
12:01 am
Thu August 14, 2014

NPR Film Critic: 'We're Not In A Great Position In American Filmmaking'

NPR & LA Times film critic Kenneth Turan talks about his new book, Not To Be Missed: Fifty-Four Favorites from a Lifetime of Film.

Kenneth Turan is a film critic for NPR and the LA Times. He's the author of Not To Be Missed: Fifty-Four Favorites From A Lifetime of Film.

In our Clip of the Week Turan explains why Hollywood movies seem to be losing some of their luster as they target ever larger audiences.

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Clip of the Week
12:01 am
Thu August 7, 2014

The Golden Girl Of Soul: 93 Year Old Mother Opens For 71 Year Old Son

Swamp Dogg, before his show at the 2014 Montana Folk Festival, waiting for his 93 year old mother and opening act to finish warming up the crowd.
Credit Christopher Allen

If there were an award for best-dressed performer at the 2014 Montana Folk Festival, it would have to go to Soul and R&B legend Swamp Dogg.

Swamp Dogg is still on the road at age 71 with his long time opening act, his 93 year old mother, the elegant and charming Ms. Vera Lee.

Get a taste of their family style in our Clip Of The Week.

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