Dan Villa

Chair of the Legislative Finance Committee Rep. Nancy Ballance.
Mike Albans

Montana may need to change the way it applies taxes to collect revenue amid a changing state economy, according to state elected officials searching for solutions during the ongoing budget crisis.

Some of the protesters at the state capitol Wednesday
Corin Cates Carney

State lawmakers started taking up the challenge of Montana's $282 million budget shortfall in the first of two days of hearings in Helena today.

Legislative Fiscal Division

An independent analysis of Montana’s budget deficit was released today. A legislative committee is set to review proposed cuts to the state’s budget next week.

William Marcus

Late this afternoon, state agencies turned in plans to Governor Steve Bullock, outlining potential 10 percent budget cuts he requested to offset lower than expected state revenues.

Montana Public Radio’s Capitol reporter Corin Cates-Carney joins from Helena to talk us through it.

State Budget Director Dan Villa.
Corin Cates-Carney

Governor Steve Bullock’s office said today that state agencies must cut their budgets an additional 10 percent, in order to avoid a $227 million budget shortfall within two years.

Those cuts would be in addition to spending reductions that were triggered earlier this month by low revenue results, plus previous cuts to many state agencies included in the two year budget passed last spring.