The Food Guys Talk Farro, The Ancient Grain

Feb 26, 2015
Flickr user, Joel Rogness

Today Jon and Greg discuss farro. Farro is a popular grain that can trace its origins thousands of years back around the time of ancient Egyptian rule.

There are three types of farro. First, there is farro piccolo, which is the smallest of the farro grains. Then there's farro medio, which is called emmer. Then there is farro grande which is known as spelt. Spelt is a type of farro that is really a different grain altogether.   


Jan 17, 2014
Prairie Heritage Farm, near Power, MT

January 19th, 2014: Jon and Greg discuss farro, a category of ancient, low-gluten wheat first cultivated in the Fertile Crescent. Farro comes in three varieties - most farro imported from Italy to the U.S. is the emmer variety - and several forms, distinguished from one another by how much bran was removed from the grain. (Whole farro requires soaking before cooking.)  Greg suggests using farro as hot breakfast cereal and in soups, salads, side dishes and desserts.