Fred Van Valkenburg

The Missoula County Attorney says her predecessor may have improperly removed a box from what’s supposed to be a secure file storage area. Missoula police are investigating an alleged breach at the County Attorney’s secure file storage area. That’s where confidential criminal justice information is kept.

The woman whose claim that she was raped in 2010 led to the punishment of four University of Montana football players, including the expulsion of one, will tell her story on the television show 60 Minutes Reports on Showtime tonight.

Kelsey Belnap is revealing her identity for the first time. She says four football players raped her one night after a drinking competition at an apartment near the University. She reported the incident to Missoula police, but Missoula County Prosecutor Fred Van Valkenburg did not press charges.

Edward O'Brien

Missoula County Attorney Fred Van Valkenburg met with the County Commission today to discuss the most recent revelations concerning his ongoing dispute with the United States Department of Justice.

A Missoula County Commissioner believes County Attorney, Fred Van Valkenburg is throwing the commission “under the bus” in the county’s lawsuit against the federal Department of Justice.

The DOJ has been investigating how Missoula law enforcement, the University of Montana and the County Attorney’s Office handle sexual assault cases after a string of such crimes were brought to light in 2012.

Former County Attorney Removes Box From Secure Area
Kurt Wilson, Missoulian

Missoula county attorney Fred Van Valkenburg is willing to negotiate a "memorandum of understanding" with the federal Justice department, as a way of resolving DOJ's concerns about the way the county attorney's office has handled past sexual assault investigations.   The offer is contained in a letter written by Van Valkenburg and sent to U.S. Attorney Michael Cotter.