gender pay gap

Montana Capitol, Helena, MT.
William Marcus

Lawmakers in Helena are considering a bill that aims to improve pay equity between men and women. But, some policymakers are questioning how the proposal would force employers to judge the merits of their employees.

Supporters of a bill to create a so-called Montana Paycheck Transparency Act say it will help make sure men and women are paid equally for doing equal work.

Montana’s gender pay gap was center stage Tuesday in Bozeman. On average, women in Montana earn 67 percent of what men do. Much of the discussion at the Equal Pay Summit focused on transparency when it comes to wages.

Equal Pay Summit Held In Bozeman

May 2, 2016

Montana ranks near the bottom nationwide for pay equity with women earning 67 percent of what men earn. The third annual Equal Pay Summit being held in Bozeman today and tomorrow kicked off with a discussion on negotiating a higher salary.

Montana women earn 67 cents on the dollar of what men make, placing us 39th in the country when it comes to the gender pay gap. That fact prompted Governor Steve Bullock to form an Equal Pay for Equal Work task force, and to co-sponsor a summit on equal pay that kicks off tonight, and runs through tomorrow, at Montana State University in Bozeman.
    State Labor commissioner Pam Bucy is co-chair of the equal pay task force and a participant in tomorrow's summit.

Montana Gender Pay Gap Front And Center At Summit

Montanans are more likely to be poor, compared with the rest of the nation, and women are more likely to be poor than men. That's just one of the sobering facts contained in a new report on the status of women in Montana, summarized in the winter issue of the Montana Business Quarterly.