Hillary Clinton

Comedian and Bernie Sanders supporter Sarah Silverman’s zinger at the Democratic National Convention Monday night brought the house down. It delighted Hillary Clinton’s supporters. The Bernie Sanders crowd – not so much.

Missoula delegate Anita Green was there and was not amused.

Montana Democratic Party members were subtle, and at times not so subtle, in their differences at their party’s convention this weekend in Helena.

Tonight on "Campaign Beat," a look at Montana’s primary results, the ongoing spat between Gianforte and Bullock over stream access, and the potential "Trump effect" on down-ballot races like Montana's lone seat in the U.S. House.

Around 120 Democrats from across the state are in Helena for their state party convention.
Corin Cates-Carney

Just days after the primary election, Montana Democrats are meeting to debate key party issues and vote on representatives to their party’s National Convention in Philadelphia this summer.

Montana Democrats are gathering in Helena this weekend to vote on their party’s platform issues and choose delegates to send to the national convention in July. Party leaders are calling for unity as they move toward the November battle with the presumed Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Nancy Keenan says Democrats are coming out of the primary and headed into the general election season both excited and optimistic. Keenan is the executive director of the Montana Democratic Party. She says Democratic candidates will focus on a handful of issues that she believes are key to voters.

Democratic Presidential Campaigns Hold Get-Out-The-Vote Events This Weekend

Ahead of Tuesday’s primary election, both the Democratic candidates for president are holding events and making a push to get out the vote in Montana.

Thousands Turnout for Trump Rally in Billings

May 26, 2016

  Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump flew into Montana on the news he has sewn up the GOP nomination.

The New York businessman says he wanted to campaign in Montana, in part because his son is a regular visitor to go hunting. He used that news to affirm his support of gun rights.

“We’re going to protect your 2nd Amendment 100%,” he said.

On this episode of "Campaign Beat," Sally Mauk, Chuck Johnson, and Rob Saldin talk about this week’s campaign finance ruling, the fuss over the Gianfortes' big donation to MSU, and the race for Montana’s seat in the House of Representatives.

Former President Bill Clinton will be in Billings Friday campaigning for his wife.
Evan Guest (CC-BY-2)

Former President Bill Clinton is speaking in Billings Friday, campaigning for his wife, Hillary Clinton, before Montana’s primary election - just under three weeks away.  Bill Clinton is scheduled to speak at Will James Middle School at 7:30 p.m. Friday, May 20.