We’ve all heard about homesteading, the land grant program that encouraged people to settle the west. Homesteaders were told it was a land of milk and honey. Randy Morger of Fort Benton’s River and Plains Society, tells us what it was really like.

Tom Mulvaney collection

Early in the twentieth century, long before Twitter, people sent snippets of news back and forth on penny postcards, sometimes transferring their own photos onto the front. In his book, Penny Postcards and Prairie Flowers, Philip Burgess has collected the postcards exchanged between his homesteading grandmother and great-aunt in Montana and their Norwegian immigrant family in Minnesota.

Philip Burgess & Penny Postcards

Feb 25, 2014

2/25 and 2/26, 2014: This week on "Reflections West,"  Philip Burgess reflects on the historical fad of Penny Postcards and how they helped form women’s communities of the past.  He pairs his thoughts with the contents of seven such cards written to two homesteading sisters in Montana.